It’s been a couple of busy months here, hence the lack of blog-posts, but we can finally share an exciting project we have been working on with Hyundai and their agency Shine.

Power Off is a campaign encouraging families to turn off their devices for a whole weekend and enjoy time together. Crazy? Scary? Maybe… as parents we all know just how easy it is to put the screen(s) in front of the minis when you need to get something done around the house. But, having individual family members hanging out in their own digital world is not conducive to shared moments, so it’s time to hit the off button.

We filmed three Hyundai Ambassadors: Al Brown, Bernice Mene and Peter Urlich and got their take on powering off

Content Boutique managed all aspects of production and post.

 We’re pretty proud of the result and our client is too:

 “Hey Nick and Marco,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Hyundai Ambassador videos you guys created.Incredible what you pulled out in the time and budget. Great quality.

So thanks again.” - Slade. Creative Director

Check them out here: